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Units-->G.W.S Events-->General Album No 1

G.W.S Events

Ground crew.

Filming in the trench.

Territorials 1913.

Territorial recruitment drive.

Coming out of the line.

'Grub up!'

Lewis Gunner. Training School.

Just 'Out of the line'.

Territorials on manoeuvres, 1913

In the trenches, 1916.

Motorised Infantry?

Filming 'Mons'

Retreat from Mons.

Mons 1914.

On Location.

Franco-Belgian Frontier, 1914.

Airfield duties.

Bombers, Loos,1915.

In the Gas cloud. Loos.

Forward Airfield.

Filming 'War Walks'.

On Location.

Thorneycroft Truck.

Summer Camp.

Royal Inspection.

Early morning in camp.


PBI? - VIPs!

VIPs? - PBI!

Bombers priming Mills bombs.

Waiting for the Flight.

Commemoration with WW1 Veterans.

Tommies and Jocks, 1917.

Tommies and Jocks 1913.

'Mad Minute' at Mons,

Grenade Safety Lecture.

Bristol Fighter.

Le Cateau Battlefield.

Moving up the line.

Moving into the line, 1915.

Pre-war street clearing practice.

Captured German Field Gun.

Training on the ranges.

On the ranges.

Infantry with Mk V Tank.

Mk V 'Heavy'

Group Photograph.

Infantry-Armour co-operation.

Are we downhearted?

Retreat From Mons.

Despatch Rider with Motorcycle.

Retreat from Mons

Retreat from Mons.

A 'straggler'.

On the Retreat.

Behind the lines.

Mons 1914.

On Location

Warm Work!

Light Railway to the Front.

Brothers in Arms.

Ammunition distribution.

Beaumont-Hamel, July 1st.

Waiting for the Troop Train

At the railyards.

Harry Patch, Great War Veteran.


Bradford Pals Commemoration

Bradford Pals Commemoration

Grub up!

Infantry with Mk V Tank

Units-->G.W.S Events-->General Album No 1