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Date: Saturday 12th March 2005


The Great War Society are supplying men and equipment for a two location TV production to be shown in Great Britain and Canada. 12th/13th March.

Date: Sunday 13th March 2005


Commemorating the inspection of the 29th Division by King George V prior to their leaving for the Dardanelles. Invitation by GA and local WFA, we will support the local 'Birmingham City Battalion' at this event at the Obelisk at the junction of the A45/Fosse Way near Coventry. Y & L and 'Rifles' to attend - Middlesex involved in film work.

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Date: Saturday 23rd April 2005


We will join Belgian, French and German living history groups in the grounds of a Belgian Chateau that forms part of the actual battlefield. The Chateau holds a state of the art Great War museum holding many relics recovered from the district. The British contingent will also stage a march from the town of Zonnebeke to nearby Tyne Cot cemetery for a short service of remembrance.

Zonnebeke04 066.jpg

Date: Saturday 23rd April 2005

Trench Maintenance.

Trench spring-clean-up at the Society's trench near York for those not involved in the Zonnebeke event.

trench-23.04.05 021.jpg

Date: Sunday 1st May 2005

Fort Nelson near Southampton

Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry of the Great War all gathered together for training in one of the best preserved of the Palmerston defensive forts. Run by the Royal Armouries there is also a large collection of historic artillery pieces and other related displays to see.

Date: Sunday 8th May 2005

Sherston Memorial Dedication

Last year the Great War Society helped to bring to the attention of the local population that many of Sherston lads had given their lives in the Great War but had no proper memorial. We also helped to raise cash towards putting a fitting memorial in place. This year we return to take part in the opening of the new memorial and pay our respects to the men who never came back.


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